Prepare to #SwitchOff with us

Prepare to #SwitchOff with us
It’s hard to believe that EARTH HOUR, a grassroots initiative born in Sydney
Australia in 2007 is now in its 16th year and has snowballed into a global
movement, spanning 190 counties, territories and 7,000 cities. In fact, the
world’s biggest landmarks, including the Empire State Building, London Bridge
and Australia’s own Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, switch off each
year as a symbolic display of their commitment to the planet.
There’s nothing sexier than environmental solidarity.

World Wildlife Fund – WWF is the independent conservation organisation that
started Earth Hour with the original focus on the climate crisis. In recent years
the mission has expanded to bring the critical issue of nature loss.
In 2023, Earth Hour embraces the theme of #TimeOutForNature by urging
participants to not only switch off but to spend more time in nature when they
do. This can lead to not only positive environmental benefits but also personal
benefits, as we know spending time being active outside, in nature has been
proven to improve one’s mental health.

Saturday 25th March 2023 - #TimeOutForNature
Your home, school, or place of business
Switch off and power down for a period whether it be sixty seconds or sixty
Where to pledge?
Switch off and sign up at

Here are our SimplyGood top 5 suggestions for you to #TimeOutForNature this Earth Hour.

1. Go for a bush walk / hike around your local area – we can guarantee there
are places you never even knew existed. Now is the time to discover

2. Plant a native tree – Great for the environment and for you too! There is
something soothing about having your hands in soil.

3. Stargaze – depending on where you are, Earth Hour may be happening
when it’s dark. This is the perfect time to go outside on your deck,
driveway, or lie on the grass and count shooting stars.
4. Meditate – Take yourself to the beach, the park or a quiet spot in your
backyard and take some timeout to destress with a little mindful

5. Go to the ocean – put your toes in the sand, explore rockpools and walk
from one end of the beach to the other.